orm_adapter + NoBrainer = <3

After trying and falling in love with RethinkDB, I began using the NoBrainer ORM with some of my Rails side projects. And while the combination is fantastic and productive, I’ve hit many of the roadblocks that frequently come with straying from ActiveRecord.

One of those roadblocks has been the lack of orm_adapter support for NoBrainer. Used by a variety of gems (chief among them the popular Devise authentication framework) to provide ORM abstraction, orm_adapter support is a necessity for easy growth and development.

And today, it’s here with orm_adapter-nobrainer. Written to scratch my own itch, it’s available on GitHub and pushed out to RubyGems for wider distribution and use. While not entirely complete — it doesn’t yet address the writable associations NoBrainer doesn’t implement — all other tests are passing and it should be a drop-in implementation for most real-world uses.

Similar work still needs to be done for Devise itself, but this is the foundation for that work (and a whole bunch more).

Hopefully it makes someone’s life a little easier. Pull requests and issues are always welcome.